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Seasoned web and app developer, designer,
video creator, graphic artist and business exec.


I'm an Internet professional

The Internet. A network of billions of devices enabling global access to almost any information, allowing near instantaneous communication between any individuals using it. In the early days of my career I receieved many puzzled looks when people asked what I did for a living, but that is no longer the case. The Internet is everywhere and encompasses the totality of human information but for some reason we can only assume has something to do with my professional life, of all the billions of websites available to you on this global network, you ended up here. So since you've arrived on this figurative needle in humanity's largest haystack, I encourage you to read on to learn a little bit about me and my work. Hopefully you'll find it worth your while.

I lead from the front

I am a seasoned creative and technical executive experienced in managing people, departments, and companies. My approach to leadership is to set the pace, direction, and example for those working with me. And I attempt to do so with as much of a sense of humour as I can muster. With all that in mind let me offer an analogy: if my career and business experience were a horse race, I'd have a stand full of people screaming incoherently at me, a pack of competitors thundering along on all sides, and a crop-happy jockey on my back seemingly along for the ride. But in reality my day-to-day is focused on converting ideas to tangible reality, while dealing with interpersonal issues, extreme deadlines, and financial pressures. ... Ok, now that I think about it, it's pretty much the same thing; except the horse has a finish line.

I create

In a world of consumers a creator should never go without work. And while the act of creation is an art, its execution is a science. One where criticism, challenge, and refinement are used as expert tools intended to inspire others to action—even if that action is simply to catch their breath.

Some inspiration

I am a great soloist but also a team player

There is rarely a good reason to work entirely alone. Even Michelangelo had Pietro Urbino. It's a truth that has been proven over and over again. Collaboration with others can bring inspiration. It can create new ideas from shared passion. And it can turn a simple concept into a revolutionary work able to change the world.

Much like ...

HTML5 — CSS3 — SCSS and SASS — Javascript — ES6 — Typescript — jQuery — VueJS — React — Angular — Ionic — Flutter —Dart — Babel — Node — NPM — Yarn — Webpack — Gulp — Grunt — Bootstrap — Foundation — Drupal — Wordpress — NuxtJS — Jekyll — Git — Github — GitLabs — Bitbucket — PHP — Laravel — Firebase — AWS — Google Cloud — Heroku — Docker — — Nationbuilder — Liquid — Creative Cloud — Photoshop — Illustrator — After Effects — Premier — Media Encoder — Acrobat — Audition — Animate — Character Animator — InDesign — XD — Sketch — Final Cut Pro — Motion — Compressor — Logic Pro — ProTools — Nuendo — Avid — MS Office — Word — Excel — Powerpoint — Project— Jira — Basecamp — Teamworks — iWork — Pages — Numbers — Keynote — Quicktime — various utilities — plugins — modules — stacks — scripts — apps — frameworks — and much more...

I know a few things

My knowledge, expertise, and experience encompass a wide range of technologies and their related skills.

And I have plenty of experience

The Internet has evolved since I first began building websites in 1994. Technologies change which meant keeping pace or risk becoming a relic. I chose the former. Along side leadership and management capabilities, I'm proficient in full-stack web development technologies and techniques, but I'm also no stranger to video. I have been involved in creating, producing, directing, editing, animating and compositing for productions ranging from simple web based delivery, to live streaming webcasts, and even broadcast television (hint: be prepared to 'secede! '). And if the work is graphical, I'm comfortable and capable of dealing with it whether designed for digital delivery or traditional print mediums. While there is much I can continue to say about my efforts, perhaps a sample of a few projects I have had the opportunity to work on will speak to their quality.

Taking Accessibility to a new level this fully keyboard navigable and screen reader friendly site was built in Wordpress utilizing custom APIs built for integrated VueJS tools driving everything from site navigation and searching to galleries, articles and events aggregation management. Visit:

A site built to showcase the options for Electric Vehicle rebates in BC. Simple and effective with a reactive filterable tool highlighting the rebates using integrated Vue components. Visit:

A site highlighting the value of purchasing local food and beverage products. Encouraging the support of local jobs and helping B.C.’s economy grow and prosper. Visit:

Showcasing the BC government's historic investments in child care. The Childcare BC site informed families of their new access to quality child care at a price they can afford.

Built around a strong message—and integrated with NationBuilder—a campaign website to inform and mobilize Ontarians opposed to privatizing Hydro One.

The Vancouver Opera ticketing system: a feature rich web application, driven by the Tessitura ticketing system and tightly integrated with their physical box office systems.

This bi-lingual Drupal-based website allows SunRype to share and make product information accessible in fun and visually pleasing ways. The "Find your favourite" filter and search is tied directly to their product content types, making the most of Drupal's low-level capabilities.

McNeil's Movers, this website and its campaign helped the NSGEU show how provincial government policies are moving jobs and families out of Nova Scotia.

A by-reservation-only, simultaneous one-day sales events with physical locations in Waikiki and Tokyo and around the world by the Internet was organized and managed through the Availability Board technology developed specifically for this client.

Part of a completely updated brand and visual identity for CFS-BC’s campaign – designed to catch eyes as it highlights the realities of the crushing weight of cuts and fee hikes.

This Ontario Nurses' campaign was everywhere and effectively told the story of how Ontario nursing shortages were impacting patient care.

A fresh website with a Drupal framework and a NationBuilder backend — delivering PEA the connectivity and member engagement they needed. Visit:

A real-world experience, this immersive presentation centre projected life sized floorplans for potential home buyers to walk through. It worked incredibly well, as the sales event proved when the building sold out in less than 45 minutes.

There's always time for something new

I'm open to changing things up a bit, finding new challenges, and exploring those distant horizons. If my expertise and experience seems a fit for what you need, I'm willing to talk, any time, any where... send me a message because I believe together we can do something awesome!